How To Prevent Queefing During Yoga?

queefing during yoga
queefing during yoga

The Yoga Queef or yoga farts are when you are in a downward dog pose and can’t help but let out a little fart when there is pressure on your stomach. A queef in general is when women pass gas or release air from their vagina. The yoga queef happens during poses that put pressure on the abdomen, like downward dog, but can happen during other poses too!

The cause of the Yoga Queef seems to be from muscles being pulled tight and trapping air inside them. This causes an increase in intra-abdominal pressure which might cause the person to get a “squeaky” sound.

At the same time, the Yoga queef is a common issue for women who have bad pelvic floor muscles because their “squeak” is actually due to air being forced into the vagina.

In yoga, the downward dog pose increases that intra-abdominal pressure and can push pelvic floor muscles together, which might explain why it’s so likely to happen during that pose.

Want to learn about queefing during yoga and how to prevent it? Let’s dive in!

queefing during yoga
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What is the Yoga Queef? / Yoga Farts

A queef, in general, is when women pass gas or release air from their body parts. The yoga queef happens during poses that put pressure on the abdomen, like downward dog, but can happen during other poses too!

Why does yoga queef happen?

A queef happens when air gets sucked into the body through the body parts and then forced out again. This can happen during exercises like running, sex, or yoga; but is more common during yoga because of positions that constrict the abdomen.

The air is often pushed into the vagina during certain yoga poses, like twists or headstands. And when you move your body in certain ways, for example doing a downward dog, the air gets forced out.

Consequently, vaginal “chatter” can occur if queefing is left unchecked. It’s not uncommon to hear between 2-10 queefs per 50 minutes of yoga.

Yoga is supposed to be a quiet time, so this can make people who are learning the poses feel embarrassed. But it’s not their fault, and you shouldn’t be upset with them.

Do all kinds of yoga cause queef?

We’ve found that practicing hot vinyasa and Bikram yoga seems to produce the most queefs. These forms of yoga encourage you to breathe more heavily, and quickly.

This also happens in power yoga, which is a Hot Vinyassa; but it can be beneficial if you’re trying to tone up or slim down. The more oxygen that’s pumped into the body, the more it will burn fat and build muscle.

The queefs themselves may be more pronounced in Bikram yoga because of its emphasis on holding postures longer, which can give you a greater chance to suck air into your vagina as you move deeper into the pose.

Queefing from practicing hot vinyasa or Bikram yoga is so common that it’s become part of the experience of doing these forms of exercise.

How to prevent queefing during yoga?

While the Yoga Queef cannot be 100% prevented, certain yoga poses put more pressure on your abdomen and can make you queef.

If this is a problem for you during yoga, try practicing without eating a lot of food before doing a physical activity because if there is no air in your stomach it increases the chances of queefing. Try to avoid fatty foods, spiced food, and processed food in general.

If queefing does occur during your yoga class, simply ignore it and continue on with the rest of your practice. If other students seem fazed by it then just smile and move on because there is really nothing that can be done about it. Look at it as an opportunity to become more aware of your body.

If you do feel embarrassed by queefing during yoga, take a class with a friend. If you are feeling empowered enough to laugh at yourself for queefing then laugh it off with your best friend who might find the whole situation hilarious as well. Laugh it off with her or him and you might even find yourselves queefing together and making it a laughing matter.

Also, wear loose clothing and try to do yoga with people who seem like they would be understanding of the queefing.

And finally, try letting the air out before doing any poses that might be problematic for you. It’s a little embarrassing but it beats a queef in your face!

How to deal with it if it happens during the yoga

A woman sitting and smiling right after she queefed. It's not a big of a deal so she's acting naturally

Stay positive even if it happens more than normal! Focus on your mood. Try to think about the fact that you are becoming more flexible and strong even if your queef gets in the way!

Any time you are around people looks for an opportunity to laugh or smile instead of struggling or trying to cover up what happened. Remember that lots of other women have farts or queefs too!.

Yoga classes are for relaxing the mind and enjoying your workout without worrying about anything. But you don’t want to embarrass yourself by queefing during the yoga class.

Other ways people have dealt with this problem

“One time I was in a downward dog and queefed and then all of my classmates looked at me. So embarrassing! To avoid that ever happening again I just wear really loose pants and unbutton my pants before I do yoga so air can get out.” – that’s one of the tips I’ve found on Facebook yoga group.

One article I read suggested putting a piece of clothing over your head when you are in an inverted pose like a downward dog because it can be awkward to cover your nose and mouth while you do the pose, but covering up is something that could make things worse or distract

“If you find yourself in a pose that is causing your abdomen to become compressed, take deep breaths with your mouth open when you feel pressure building up. As you exhale, you should feel the pressure release and if it doesn’t, try to breathe out more quickly.” – That’s on the other hand a suggestion I’ve found on a forum.

As you can see it’s very common and happens to everyone and all people have their own ways to cope with the situation.

Yoga poses to avoid if you are worried about queefing

Downward Facing Dog Yoga Pose
Downward Facing Dog Yoga Pose

There aren’t any poses that you have to avoid if you don’t want to queef, but downward dog and bridge pose can make it more likely. If this is a problem for you during yoga, try doing other poses like forwarding fold or happy baby instead of downward dog and bridge.

Questions you may have about yoga queefing

Is queefing normal during yoga?

Yes, queefing during yoga is totally normal and happens very often. Air gets trapped in the vagina, because of changes that happen when you do certain poses. And the air needs to be released somehow.

What is it called when a fart comes up the front?

Queefing is one of the most common slang terms for vaginal expulsion of vaginal gases, it may also be termed “fanny gas”, “poot” or “vart” (can you imagine why?). Queefing is like the awkward cousin of farts. When you need to be more formal you can call it vaginal flatulence.


Yoga queefs are very common among yoga practitioners, but since this is a sensitive topic that makes people feel uncomfortable it is good to know how to prevent them.

Also, if you do queef during yoga, there are other ways to deal with it! Wear baggy clothes and keep your mouth open when you breathe out so the air can move out of your body easily.

If you feel like you are queefing too often, there are exercises that don’t compress the abdomen so much and can keep you from queefing.

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